There are a great many Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) in Rothley, some as individual trees, others as a group. In addition, there are trees within Conservation Areas which also have protection.

Sadly, some trees die naturally but others are wantonly destroyed by owners and builders who simply do not want a tree shedding leaves and fruit or taking the light. However, all trees with a TPO have to have a replacement planted and this is where the system fails to ensure that this is done.

Trees are essential to the quality of air and the more we destroy the less leaves there are to perform that cleansing task. More and more building in 2014, less and less leaves, more and more unclean air. Rothley was renowned for its air quality 100 years ago, it was deemed a good place to live for those of a more delicate constitution but now you need to be tough to survive here!

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