The Grange Trees

The garden of The Grange has mature trees and Dogs Mercury, a plant indicating ancient woodland, can be found in the area of woodland together with Bluebells and Wild Garlic. Rothley is known for its ancient Oaks and Ash with our largest Oak in the village having a girth of 24 feet 8 inches and is in Rothley Park close to the boundary of the Rothley Court Hotel.

The main trees in The Grange gardens are Oak and Blue Cedar with a beautiful Wellingtonia. There are also Willows along the edge of the channel and at the far end by the Fowke Street bridge.

Oak Tree 32 with a girth of 4m in April 2002

Tree 32 surrounded by building activity. The original Grange to the left with Saxon Court centre. Temple Court to the rear back. February 2008

In August 2012 Oak Tree 32 lost a huge branch

Oak Tree 32 in January 2013 showing its broken limb.

In May 2013 the Oak Tree 32 was saved.

Thank you for an excellent job in saving our ancient Oak Tree 32. May 2013

Tree 33 a Blue Cedar with a girth of 3.3m and branches sweeping the ground. April 2002

Blue Cedar Tree 33 in January 2013

Tree 34 a Blue Cedar with a girth of 3m. April 2002

Tree 35 a Wellingtonia with a girth of 6m. April 2002

The Wellingtonia has a girth of 6m. 2002

Tree 36 a Lime with a girth of 3.8m. April 2002

Tree 37 an oak with a girth of 4.5m. April 2002

Tree 42 a Willow with a girth of 3.7m. It was noted in the records that the trunk divided into 3 at half a metre from the top of the bank of the brook and each third was equal and large. April 2002

Tree 42 lost its life in February 2007.

From l to r Trees 35, Wellingtonia, Tree 36 Lime, Tree 34 Blue Cedar, Tree 33 Blue Cedar. Tree 37, the Oak, is just showing its branches on the far right. April 2002

The above group in January 2013

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