Who we are & what we do

Rothley Parish Council consists of 10 elected councillors who serve for a four year term. All Councillors are voluntary.

The Parish Office is located at the front of the Rothley Centre, 12 Mountsorrel Lane, Rothley, Leicester, LE7 7PR.

Council Meetings - see the calendar of meetings for more information.

For further information relating to the services offered by the Parish Council please contact the Parish Office who will be happy to give advice and assistance.

Parish Council Elections

Parish council elections are held every four years. The next election will be held in May 2019.


Our councillors are elected or co-opted. If you would like to become a councillor or find out more about what they do then please contact the Parish Office

Members Code of Conduct


Our committees have specific tasks and can have delegated powers.

Rothley Parish Council. Committees February 2017

(C) = Chair

Finance: Percy Hartshorn (C), Steve Mitchell, Barry Simons , Roger Gross, G Hall

Planning: Doug Sutherand (C) Hartshorn, Barry Simons, , Roger Gross, Andy Brettle

Open Spaces: Steve Mitchell(C), Doug Sutherland, Claire Cole, Barry Simons, Graham Hall

Village Hall: Percy Hartshorn (C), Doug Sutherland, Roger Gross, Mike Ferguson

Staffing: Roger Gross (C) , Barry Simons, Doug Sutherland, Claire Cole

Health & Safety: Roger Gross(C) Doug Sutherland, Steve Mitchell, Mike Ferguson

Publicity: Percy Hartshorn

Rothley Centre Management trust: Percy Hartshorn (C), Barry Simons, Elizabeth Fothergill*, Brian Popple*

Harry Hames Cottage Charity: Peter Finch* , Percy Hartshorn, Doug Sutherland, Barry Simons

Mountsorrel Quarry Liaison: Steve Mitchell,

Soar Valley Liaison Committee: Steve Mitchell

*appointees not Parish Councillors

Rothley Parish Council Standing Orders

Our Staff

We have a team of staff that work together to deliver the range of services we provide. They can be contacted through our Parish Council office at the Rothley Centre, by phone or email.

Gail Newcombe

Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Rothley Parish Council

0116 237 4544 Option 2
Parish Council Staff

Pamela Campbell-Armstrong

Deputy Clerk

0116 237 4544
Option 2

Bev Eldridge

Admin Assistant

0116 237 4544
Option 1