Street Furniture

Street furniture comes in many guises from drain covers to telegraph poles but the main items that we notice are our lamp posts, street signs and traffic lights. They are good for hanging things on using plastic ties instead of coat hangers. What happens when a particular 'piece of clothing' is removed? Yes, it is slipped off the 'hanger' which is never taken away at the same time. These plastic ties that are left behind are a menace as they have to be cut or sliced off with scissors or a knife blade. They make our village look unkempt and unloved.

Tying posters on any post in a public place is fly-posting and should be removed immediately if we are to keep Rothley looking clean and tidy. The parish council has supplied many notice boards around the village but these are not for commercial use. This type of notice can be placed at a small cost in village shops.

In December 2013 Anita Armstrong and Steve Mitchell did a tour of Rothley removing the plastic ties and old posters/notices and their 'haul is shown below:

An all too familiar sight in Rothley

Anita's cat surveys the amount of plastic ties removed in just one day in December 2013

with the litter that still remained with even more ties.