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Date: 2003

This was the village Pound, a place to keep stray animals and cattle. It was made into a garden by the Rothley VE/VJ group and a plaque to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 11 erected on the side wall.

The Rothley Natural History Heritage Warden and the Rothley Tree Warden have been keeping it tidy since 2004 and it has been planted up with bulbs. However, the 'Mile a Minute' hanging over is a major problem and the Rothley Parish Council has asked its owner to cut it back in 2010.

Site 313 The Pinfold 2003

Site 313 The Pinfold April 2009

Site 313 The Pinfold. The 'Mile a Minute' is taking over from the adjoining garden in 2010

Site 313 The Pinfold with the huge amount of 'Mile a Minute' from the adjoining garden in 2009

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Site 313 The Pinfold in April 2011 with the 'Mile a Minute' cleared and the light coming in.

Date: 2010

The owner of the adjoining land did not clear this dreadful plant so matters were dealt with by Anita Armstrong, Tree Warden for Rothley, and Marion Vincent MBE, Natural History Heritage Warden for Rothley. It was a huge, dirty task but the results were well worth all the work. The plant is being kept under close review and cut back as soon as it starts to encroach.

The Pinfold makes a lovely spring and summer garden close to Cross Green.


The Pinfold in January 2015

The Pinfold in January 2015

All tidy and ready for Spring 2015. Five clematis have been planted to provide colour and also to merge with the Golden Showers roses which are showing signs of age. The roses have been cut back to see if they will revive as they provide the 'gold' for the Golden Jubilee

Lots of spring bulbs were planted in November 2016, is addition to those already in the ground, so looking forward to a colourful display in spring 2017.

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