OS REF:SK59151355

Archery Field Site 300 looking to Soar Bank Farm Paddock Site 301. September 2006

Date: 1st May 2008

Observers: Marion Vincent and Brian Verity

Location: Field off access road to Soar Bank Farm

OS Ref: SK59151355

Map Title: Site 300

Owners: Not known

This field is called Archery Field as the Foxes Archery Club use it as their home.

It was once part of a larger field that bordered the old A6 before the building of the A6 By-pass. This part has been divided off from Site 299 Archery Field Paddock by wire fencing.

There is a Public Footpath from the old A6, up the access road to Soar Bank Farm and then into this field from the corner and runs along the hedgerow before a stile takes you into Site 301 Soar Bank Farm Paddock.

If you use this footpath from the opposite direction and archery is being played there is a warning sign attached to the stile. (You still have to stick your head out into the line of fire to let the archers know that you wish to access the footpath through their field!)

This field is kept mowed due to the archery but there is a good hedgerow along the side of the footpath.

The Public Footpath runs along the left hand boundary in the Archery Field. May 2008

You have been warned


Entrance to the field from the public footpath leading to the old A6. A bell has been installed which is safer than sticking your head out to see how many arrows were flying in your direction! June 2013

Entering the field after the 'all clear'. June 2013

Looking towards Soar Bank Farm Paddock. June 2013

Looking from the Archery Field into the Archery Field Paddock Site 299. June 2013

Looking from the main entrance to Archery Field. The public footpath is further left at the end of the hedgerow. June 2013


Looking from the Public Footpath which then runs this side of the left hand boundary of the site. Site 301 Soar Bank Farm Paddock to the rear. February 2015

Looking from the Public Footpath with what used to be a fenced off area to Site 299 Archery Field Paddock on the right of Archery Field. February 2015

Looking from the Public Footpath over the Archery Field, Archery Field Paddock to Farnham Bridge Farm. February 2015

Looking over the Archery Field from the Public Footpath. February 2015

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