OS REF:SK59251321

Date: 1st May 2008

Observers: Marion Vincent and Brian Verity

Location: Piece of land bordering the A6 By-pass

OS Ref: SK59251321

Map Title: Site 297

Owners: Not known

Of all the odd parcels of land created by the building of the A6 By-pass this must be the oddest. It is a small square that links Site 296 Hamer and Site 294 Plumptree and is the Public Footpath from Cossington Lane to Sileby Mill plus a little bit of original field that was Site 290 First Home Field before the building of the by-pass.

At the moment, there is nothing that you can say about this site, it is a very small square of field with two stiles and fencing all round. There is a hawthorn hedge bordering the by-pass boundary.