OS REF:SK59241328

Plumptree looking to Rothley Brook with River Soar to the right. May 20

Date: 1st May 2008

Observers: Marion Vincent and Brian Verity

Location: Field bordering the River Soar

OS Ref: SK59241328

Map Title: Site 294

Owners: Not known

Another field created from the building of the A6 By-pass, as it was once part of the fields fronting the old A6. The more I check out the field boundaries the more I query the course of the Rothley Brook as according to the old maps it had quite a kink at this point where it flows under the present by-pass bridge. This site could have been part of either of the fields on the brook boundary, Site 309 Lost Corner (3), Site 292 Link or Site 291 Second Home Field.

Currently, the site is left to nature and if it continues as such it will prove to be very good for insects. It is bordered by the River Soar and the Rothley Brook, this being where the Rothley Brook meets the River Soar.

It is accessible due to a public footpath from the old A6, a footpath from Cossington Lane, Rothley and the towpath by the river. However, the towpath from the Cossington Lane has been closed for some months due to erosion and if they take as long to remedy this part as they did for the towpath in the opposite direction then it will be months going into years before it can be used again.

This field forms part of a really good wildlife area from the Cossington Mill Bridge by Osier Villa down to the Charnwood Wildlife Site253. It is also opposite Cossington Meadows, a Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust Reserve.

When time permits, this site needs a species record.

This small field remains unchanged since the first visit. It is good for wildlife being so close to the River Soar.


From the bridge where Rothley Brook, right, meets the River Soar, left. A6 by-pass over the fence and bank. May 2013

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