OS REF:SK58891425


looking over Linkfield farm Marsh Site 282 with Lost Corner Site 286 in the centre group of trees. January 2008

Lost Corner created by the A6 by-pass. January 2008

Date: 8th August 2009

Observers: Brian Verity and Marion Vincent

Location: Small piece of land adjoining the Rothley By-pass

OS Ref: SK58891425

Map Title: Site 286

Possibly part of derelict Linkfield Farm

This is the first of three 'Lost Corners' in Rothley caused by the building of the Rothley/Mountsorrel By-pass. This road cut through fields at an angle leaving these corners. This one does not seem to have access apart from barbed wire and a fence but looking in it has been planted up, most likely as part of the by-pass planting scheme, so it will just become a corner of land planted with trees and unmanaged for ever more as is usually the case.

On one boundary with Site 283 Rowe Leys Paddock there is a Crab Apple tree with a good sized trunk and very sour apples! At least it has been retained.

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