OS REF:SK58851423


Linkfield looking to the old A6 with Rowe Leys Furlong to the right. August 2009

Date: 25th July 2009

Observers: Brian Verity and Marion Vincent

Location: Field adjoining the old A6

OS Ref: SK5885214239

Map Title: Site 285

Could be part of derelict Linkfield Farm.

We first looked over into this site in December 2008 from the old A6 and access is not directly available from here. As part of this field was taken for building the houses along Rowe Leys Furlong then access must have been removed.

The site is accessed from Site 283 Rowe Leys Paddock which was used for horses on our previous visit but due to a broken fence we could easily walk in and then straight into Site 285.

Linkfield looking to the A6 by-pass. July 2009

Tree 633 in Linkfield. August 2009

25th July 2009

This is a good wildlife site due to the hedgerows and vegetation and lack of use by livestock. The hedgerows are mainly hawthorn but with very ancient trunks.

There is a lovely boundary Oak Tree 633 with a girth of 4m making it an Ancient Tree in the Ancient Tree Survey. This was recorded on our visit of the 8th August 2009 at SK5882214173

The far end of this field is very overgrown with brambles and vegetation and its boundary with the old A6 is an embankment planted with various trees, mainly Ash, that are not ancient.

We then took advantage of access into the adjoining field Site 282 Linkfield Farm Marsh.

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