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There is no public access to this spinney.

Date: 24th October 2006

This spinney was planted in March 1886 according to records. It is covered by a group Tree Preservation Order.

It is mixed woodland of Ash, Alder, Lime, Oak and Scots Pine with Elder and Hawthorn.

A visit is needed in the springtime to see what flora emerges.

7th April 2011

It has taken 5 years to return to this site! There has been a tidy up of the spinney floor and the removal of tree debris. It has been used for game feeding.

Not much emerging at present apart from the usual basic plants of a fairly new plantation.

Our aim today was to record the two ponds at the far end of the spinney. They are Pond 50 Great Close Spinney Pond 1 and Pond 51 Great Close Spinney Pond 2. There was frogspawn in Pond 51.

These two ponds, according to the farmer, were dug to provide water for the steam machinery used on the farm and called the 'Sump Ponds'.

The Scots Pines are looking a bit old and we are losing a lot of these trees in Rothley. Considering how many were planted all those years ago we will soon reach a point where they will be difficult to find in our countryside.

Site 258 Pond 50 Steam Engine Pond (1). March 2011

Site 258 Pond 51 Steam Engine Pond (2). March 2011

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