Date: 8th September 2006

One field of the new Mountsorrel Meadows is within the parish of Rothley and therefore part of the Natural History of Rothley Parish. This field borders the A6 by-pass and adjoins the Rothley Lodge Wildlife Site. Why it was not retained as part of the Rothley site surprises me as it would naturally fit into the Rothley area. I did take it up with the Rothley Parish Council that it was being called Mountsorrel Meadows when it enclosed part of Rothley but they did not bother as the majority was in Mountsorrel.

We now have to make sure that the Rothley Lodge Wildlife Site, Site 253, retains its name if the Trust gets to take this over.

I will record the field that is within the Rothley Parish.

It is proposed to remove the topsoil and replace it with the sub-soil taken to make scrapes but no resulting change in ground level. The topsoil is to be removed from the site and stockpiled for a short period during removal. This information was gained from the site maps prepared by the Trust.

Site 254 Mountsorrel Meadows looking to Sileby Mill. September 2006

Site 254 within the Parish of Rothley. September 2006

Site 254 looking to the slopes around the LPC Site 304. September 2006


Looking from the pathway to Site 305 Pennington's Pond with the by-pass at the back. June 2013

River Soar in the distance, Sileby Mill off-picture to the right and the by-pass to the left. June 2013

River Soar in the distance, buildings on the edge of Barrow-upon-Soar to the right. June 2013

By-pass behind the trees over the meadow. June 2013

By-pass behind the trees looking over the meadow. June 2013

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