OS REF:SK583132

Date: 15th July 2006

I decided that it was time to record the two Horse Chestnuts on Mountsorrel Lane but think that these will be the only two trees actually on this road.

They are lovely trees, one Tree 559, has a girth of 3.1m and the other, Tree 560, has a girth of 3.5m so really good mature Horse Chestnuts that fruit well.

Before the houses were built on this farmland it was an area of fields and trees and these are the best survivors. Others, now in the gardens of houses, have been cut back.

Both trees are covered by a Tree Protection Order.

Site 238 Ancient Horse Chestnut Tree 559 with a girth of 3.1m at SK58351325. July 2006

Site 238 Ancient Horse Chestnut Tree 560 with a girth of 3.5m at SK58351332. July 2006

Sadly, Ancient Horse Chestnut 560 died very suddenly in the summer of 2014. In September 2014 we will have this cut down. Rose Squire, who lives opposite, says that her view will never be the same after the many years that she has lived facing it. A sad day when it is cut down.

A replacement tree. April 2015. No identification label.

The replacement tree in 2015. No identification tag so time will tell us the species. April 2015

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