OS REF:SK58691326

There is no public access to this field.

Date: 14th May 2003

This field is part of the old Fields Farm all owned by William Davis the builders of Loughborough.

This field is a continuation of Site 166 Marsh Field although not as rich in species as it does not have the mud, marsh and water running down to Rothley Brook. It does have a better bank to the brook as it is getting higher sided with more potential for possible kingfisher nest holes.

This field is currently grazed but needs more observations of the plant and brook life.

Site 167 Looking over Site 190 Homefield 2 on Homefield Lane to Site 167 Brook Field with Rothley Brook inbetween. October 2003

Site 167 Looking from Site 190 Homefield 2 on Homefield Lane with Site 167 Brook Field over the Rothley Brook. Mountsorrel Lane to the rear. October 2003

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