OS REF:SK585136

Date: 7th May 2003

Called Lime Tree Field because of the lovely Ancient Lime Tree 146 which stands in the centre of the filed with plenty of room to grow. It has a girth of 4.2m which makes it the biggest Lime so far recorded in Rothley.

The field is currently used for grazing horses, with two there at the time of our visit. There is an abundance of buttercups with hedgerows full of May blossom. Part of the field is fenced off for the horses but it is all pasture.

Near the northern boundary there is access to a Field Pond, Pond 16, which is in Site 163, Pond Field.

Site 162 Lime Tree 146 with a girth of 4.2m at OS Ref SK585136. May 2003

Site 162 Lime Tree 146 with a great trunk. May 2003

Site 162 Looking into Lime Tree Field from the back of Rothley Cemetery. May 2002

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