The map shows the full length of The Ridings from near the Swithland Reservoir to opposite the Rothley Court Hotel.

This is a public highway.

The Ridings is a lovely road for trees but many are suffering from die-back but cannot be replaced unless the whole line of trees is replaced at the same time, so I understand. They are not growing into ancient trees and in the part of The Ridings from Rothley Court Hotel to the crossroads they will never form a lovely shaded arbour over the road. Many of their roots extend into fields that are ploughed. Most of the trees are Limes.

Date: 18th April 2003

The previous owner of The Pax, Audrey Lumbers, told me about an Oak tree growing in this garden and gave me copies letters from the solicitor detailing the origin of the acorn from which it was grown. These letters are attached.

As we now have our own 'Royal Oak' I was hoping to have a few acorns for my Tree Nursery but, it seems, this tree does not fruit. The leaves are not far enough advanced to get it identified so I will need to return for a specimen.

The tree has a girth of 2 metres, is a good shape and now that its history has been identified then it should be protected from an interest point of view.

The owner tells me that there is an old well in the garden, which is now covered up, but, looking at an older map, it appears to be sited the other side of the boundary in the field. I said that if he ever thought of digging down then to let me know as Brian Verity, the Parish Archaeological Warden would be very interested.

26th November 2008

The Rothley Heritage Wardens are now working on the Rothley Ancient Temple Survey and one boundary of this runs through the gardens of The Ridings near its junction with The Ridgeway. There is a lovely Oak with a girth of 4.4m and has been recorded as Tree 611.

Site 158 The Ridings at the junction with The Ridgeway. February 2010

Site 158 'The Royal Oak' with a girth of 2.0m at SK573131. April 2003

The letter about 'The Royal Oak' dated 4th December 1967

Site 158 Ancient Oak Tree 138 with a girth of 4.4m at SK 57511284. November 2008

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