OS REF:SK566134

There is no public access to this field.

Date: 26th March 2003

This field has a boundary with The Ridings and the Brickyard Mineral Line Field Site 153. It is grazed pasture. On the old maps there was a track shown from the road, which divided the field into two, but there is no evidence of this apart from three trees in a line where the track would have run. These trees are Trees 118-120 in this survey.

There are still trees to be measured along the roadside hedgerow.

Site 151 Working sketch to identify tree locations. Not to scale. 2003

Site 151 Ancient Oak Tree 118 with a girth of 3.2m. March 2003

Site 151 Ancient Oak Tree 119 with a girth of 3.7m. March 2003

Site 151 Ancient Oak Tree 120 with a girth of 2.4m. March 2003

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