OS REF SK569135

Site 150 Working diagram of tree and pond locations. March 2003

Working diagram of Sites of Brickyard Farm with trees and ponds. March 2003

At the entrance to Brickyard Farm is the sign from the days of Farmer Copson. April 2003

Entrance to Site 150 Brickyard Farm from The Ridings. April 2003

19th March 2003

The day of our first visit was a beautiful, warm spring day. This is Brickyard Farm but no actual farmhouse remains, just a range of outbuildings. It is a working farm and at the time of our visit the cows were calving. The fields around the farm are pasture for the animals.
This area really was a brickyard but no historical details are available although there is evidence of clay pits.
The area of Brickyard Farm is covered in Sites 150-156.
Included in the main site 150 is a small paddock to the right of the entrance drive with a boundary to The Ridings and one to Swithland Lane and another to the left of the entrance drive with its front boundary on The Ridings.
The paddock to the right shows evidence of holding water as the vegetation looks very wet and there is a definite showing basin clearly showing. There are 3 Walnut Trees and evidence of one, possibly two, others but the stumps are hidden in the debris surrounding them. The largest walnut has a girth of 3.2m, which is a good size for a walnut, the others have a girth of 2.6m and 2.0m. There is evidence of fruiting.

Brickyard Farm's newest arrival. March 2003

There is an old pump nearest the largest walnut and the handle still works. It would be interesting to find out what this paddock was used for. We also found the stolen Rothley Millennium Sign face down in the vegetation so the Rothley Parish Council was informed.
There is a lovely spread of Common Dog Violet near the walnuts on the boundary with The Ridings.

20th April 2003

A bitterly cold day after the glorious hot, sunny weather we had previously enjoyed. We returned to look at the paddock to the left of the driveway. According to old maps there should be a pond on this piece of land next to the hedgerow by the road and the next field boundary. This pond does not now exist but where it might have been was wired off leaving an area with moss but very little other vegetation apart from saplings.

Site 150 Boundary hedge on The Ridings. Pond Site 12 is behind the hedge to the left of the vehicle. April 2003

Site 150 On the Swithland Lane boundary and The Ridings junction there are fallen walnuts. April 2003

Site 150 An old pump in the piece of land at the junction of Swithland Lane and The Ridings. April 2003

Site 150 Just behind the hedgerow fronting The Ridings is the site of Pond 12. April 2003

Site 150 Old Walnut Tree 139 with a girth of 3.2m. April 2003

Site 150 Old Walnut Tree 140 with a girth of 2.6m. On the junction of Swithland Lane and The Ridings. April 2003

Site 150 Old Walnut Tree 141 with a girth of 2m On The Ridings junction. April 2003

Site 150. Sycamore Tree 142 (left) with a girth of 2.3m; Sycamore Tree 143 (centre) with a girth of 2.0m; Sycamore Tree 144 (right) with a girth of 3.1m. April 2003