Silver Jubilee Celebrations 1977

This programme and the various events have been organised by the Silver Jubilee Committee to provide a memorable occasion to celebrate H.M. the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

We sincerely hope the numerous events will prove interesting and stimulating and trust will live for ever in the hearts of all participants and spectators-particularly the children.

Thanks are due not only to you for your support but the members of the Committee and to the many helpers who have given their services to bring about a successful conclusion to the festivities. We have all worked together as an enthusiastic team and trust the event will strengthen the community spirit of the whole village.

Yours sincerely
Constance G. Fishbourne


Chairman Mrs C.G.Fishbourne
Vice-Chairman Mr A. Welsh
Treasurer Mr M.F.Ward
Hon.Secretary Mr C.R.Poole

Leaders of the various groups
Procession: Mr C. J. Buckingham
Pageant: Mr R. Offley
Permanent Souvenirs: Mrs A. Sheppard
Souvenir Brochure: Mr. R. Lovett
Fund Raising: Mr A. Armstrong
Lay-out and Exhibition: Mr. R. Lovett and Mr. A. Brown
Teas for the over 70's: Mrs. M.I. Clarke and Mrs F.R. Simpson
Evening Activities: Mr. J.R.Cole
Children's Fancy Dress: Mrs. S.Peck and Mrs J.Widdowson
Publicity: Mr P.Chester
Sporting Activities: Mr. A.Brown and Mr. G.Kinch

Other members of the Committee
Mr. E.Barker
Mr. H.Booth
Miss Britt
Mrs Bull
Mr. R.D.Foxon
Miss A.Lovett


This Parade of Parades, in all its colour and glory will process through the streets of our Ancient Village led to the sound of Regal and Marchial Music by the Royal British Legion Band of Syston.
Represented will be the numerous and various Village Organisations in procession, supported by decorated vehicles of all descriptions and 70 of our village children in Fancy Dress.
The participants in the Parade will congregate in Homefield Lane at 2.30 p.m. and follow a route designed to cover the central area of the village to the terminal on Town Green as shown on the route plan on the back of the brochure.
An open invitation is invited to all to involve themselves in the Right Royal Competitive Parade.
Entry forms can be obtained from:
Mr John Buckingham
36 Mountsorrel lane
Telephone No. 302531
Closing Date: 31st May
No entrance charge is being made but Grand Prizes are to be awarded in all classes.
Inhabitants and Friends of Rothley, put on your thinking caps or originality and invention and enter for one of the following:

Best decorated "open" trade vehicle
Best decorated trade van or car
Best decorated private or group entry vehicle
Best decorated two wheel vehicle
Best decorated novelty entrant
(i.e. wheel barrow, pram, "bike" etc.)

Trade organisations are invited to display their vehicles at the termination of the procession in the Exhibition Area in Mr. Cooper's field at Town Green.
Let us make this parade worthy of the Royal Occasion, being grander in sixe and quality than our village has seen before.
Let us prove that we are "the Greatest".



The finale to the week-end of celebrations this pageant was held in the grounds of the Rothley Court Hotel.
Every village has an history, Rothley is no exception. The Historic Pageant is an attempt to show in both sight and sound, the place of Rothley Village and its inhabitants has played in national and Local events. It is a pageant for villagers by villagers-HOMESPUN.

For full details of the Pageant and those taking part please click on the following link: