Rothley Village Project Pack

This folder contains a miscellany of items about Rothley but would not appear to have been updated for some time.
It might just contain the information that you need and is available for reference in the Local Studies Section at Rothley Library.
These are the items it contains:

Section 1 Maps of Rothley:
100's Leicestershire 1767
1776 Prior's Showing the Goscote Hundreds
1884 Victorian map, Ordnance Survey
1955 Ordnance Survey
1997 Street Map of Rothley
Anglo Saxon and Danish Charnwood illustrating where the settlement camps of the Anglo Saxon and Danes were in Rothley.

Section 2 History of Rothley:
Entry of Rothley in the Domesday Book.
Leicestershire 100's the namimg.
Discovery of a Roman Villa in Rothley.
Historical Pictures relating to Rothley Temple.
Temple and Church 13th century.
Mansion and Chapel Rothley Temple.
Kelly's Directory 1941, entry for Rothley.
Wrights Leicester Directory 1894, entry for Rothley.
Soke of Rothley.
Village of Rothley.
War Memorials.
Short History of Rothley Church.
Rothley Mill.
Rothley in 1851.
Pedigree of Thomas Babington.

Section 3 Rothley Celebrities:
Robert Jackson Emerson.
Lady isobel Barnett.

Section 4 General Interest:
Rothley Anti-slavery Memorial.
The Great Central Railway through Rothley.
Canal Map through Rothley.
Gregory of Woodmans Stroke.
The Haunted Railway Station.
Beautiful Rothley.
Rothley and Mountsorrel in the 1990's.
A Timely Memorial.
Postcards of Rothley (1950's).
Walk around Rothley in one afternoon. (Taken from the village website
Rothley Temple and the Chapel of the Knights Templar. (Taken from the village website