Rothley Sources

The above shows an original 'document', three inches thick on the tomb of Bartholomew Kyngston in Rothley Parish Church. This is his Will, made in 1486 ten years before his death, where he provides for prayers and readings after his demise, and gives instructions for the charitable use of the income from the lands he gave to the Churchwardens, who still receive an income from them. (Reproduced from John Nicholls, History and Antiquities of Leicestershire, 1804.)

ROTHLEY SOURCES was written by Terry Sheppard and is a Review of Documentary Materials for the Local Historian. It was written to complete his Assignment for Module 2 Documentary Sources for Parish History as part of his Advanced Certificate in Local History at the University of Nottingham in May 1995.

The assignment sets out to provide an inventory of sources and source documents to illustrate the possibilities for study of the history of the parish of Rothley, Leicestershire. The inventory is embellished with examples and comment judged sufficient for the knowledgeable reader to make an assessment of those possibilities.

The book contents include:
The Parish Chest.
The Manorial Papers.
Maps and Photographs.
The Quarter Sessions.
Other Sources and Published Works.

ROTHLEY SOURCES gives you an amazing amount of information that guides you to what is available at the Leicestershire Records Office in Wigston. If you want to study, for example, the Register of Baptisms and Burials, including Mountsorrel, between 1774 and 1812 then this book will give you the Deposit Reference at the LRO. It is a fascinating read and can be found in the Local Studies Section at Rothley Library.