On the Rothley Lodge site (not to be confused with Rothley Lodge, the name given to the Garland residential area) is the development for the Leicester Paper Company next to the Wyevale Garden Centre. It was built on the land of Rothley Lodge Farm.

To minimise the visual impact on the surrounding area, particularly from Sileby, over 3,000 trees were planted in 2005/6

Many of the trees were of a good size and these were planted on the perimeter road leading to the car park.

Trees have been planted at the back of the building and can be seen from Cossington Meadows just over the River Soar. 2005/6

The trees are still looked after by a landscaping company but it is hoped to encourage wild flowers on the banks as soon as the trees have become established.

The area is adjacent to the new Rothley Lodge Wildlife Site and the trees should very much enhance the habitat for birds and insects

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