Roll of Honour and Those Who Served, Rothley Parish Church

The Parish Church authorities commissioned yet a further Memorial to honour the names of not just the fallen in the Great War, but of all those who served in many capacities. This memorial stands at the rear of the nave close to the tower arch and features 265 names, about a quarter of the then population of Rothley

For the family historian the names on the side panels are:

Column 1 Left hand side Column 2 Left hand side

Anderson J.

Allen W.

Asher F..

Archer A.

Austin L.

Armison W

Ball H.

Baker H.

Baker H.W.

Bacon E.

Bailey A.

Barker A.

Bates B.

Bates C.

Bates W.

Bates P.

Blythe C.

Bowler A.

Bowler P.

Bowler F.

Bowler J.

Boyer W.

Brammage L.

Braybrook F.

Breams G.

Brewin A.P.

Brewin S.

Bromwich B.

Bromwich F.

Bromwich H.

Brown S.

Brown A.

Brown E.

Brown W.

Bryan H.

Bull K.

Bull S W.

Bunney A.

Bunney H.

Bunney J.

Bunney J.H.

Bunker A.

Burton A.

Burton E.

Butherway G.

Butherway S.

Botterill G.

Blythe A.

Bishop L.

Bradley C.

Brooks E.M.

Brunt T.

Chamberlain F.

Chamberlain A.

Chamberlain T.

Chamberlain H.

Chamberlain W.

Chamberlain R.

Chamberlain E.

Chamberlain E.R.

Chapman C.

Chapman H..

Charlton H.

Charnell H.

Chester F.

Collings F.

Croft G.

Cufflin J.

Cratchley R.

Cooper E.

Crane T.

Carvill W.

Cook F.

Coltman G.

Cook W.P.

Cooke J.W.

Chester A.

Chester A.B.

Chapman W.

Date A.

Date E.

Date D.

Dexter H.

Dexter G.

Dexter R.

Driver W.

Draper G.

Eason S.

Elliot W.

Fielding-Johnson T.P.

Fearn F.

Fowkes E.

Fountain G.

Fowler E.

Garner F.

Garner W.

Garner R.

Garner W.H.

Garner J.

Gilbert W.

Gilbert T.

Goodman J.

Greasley F.

Gresswell A.

Green G.

Galloway J.B.

Hallam W.

Hamer B.

Hancock B.

Harvey G.

Hewston J.

Hill W.

Hilton S.R.

Hipwell A.

Hole C.H.

Holland T.

Holmes Alfred

Holmes B.

Holmes F.

Holmes W.

Holmes H.

Holyoak F.

Howard B.

Hubbersty E.

Hyman W.

Hickling J.

Hancock L.

Hickling T.

Holland W.

Harriman (no initials given)

Huggins R.

Henson L.

Iliffe G.

Jelly W.

James N.

Kendall H.

Kirk R.

Kelsey H.

Leake W.

Leake J.

Ley J.

Lole W.

Lovett W.

Lenton F.

Moore S.

Moore W.

Mansfield S.

Neale A.

Newman F.

Nichols R.

North S.Underwood A.

Norton T.Underwood W.

Nurse J.

Oram T.

Palmer A.

Palmer E.

Pearson T.H.

Pearson L.H.

Pegg W.G.

Porter H.

Powell A.

Preston J.

Preston H.S.

Preston R..

Pepper A.

Patchett S.

Raynor A.

Raynor G.

Reid A.

Reid A.S.

Robinson A.H.

Rodwell W.

Rogers E.

Rogers W.

Ross V.

Roberts J.C.

Russell H.

Rouse B.R.

Rose C.

Rose L.

Rouse W.H.

Raynes F.

Richardson F.

Sanders S.

Sanderson J.

Sanderson R.

Scattergood H.

Sharman A.

Sharman H.

Sibson A.

Sibson T. J.

Sibson C. P.

Sibson W.

Shuttlewood A.

Sleath A.

Sleath O.

Sleath H.

Sleath G.

Sleath H.M.

Sleath F.

Sleath Aubrey

Sleath Charles

Smith R.

Smith W.

Smith J.

Spiby J.

Spriggs A.

Staples F.

Staples L.

Steel L.

Steel J.

Stevens H.

Stevens A.

Stevens W.

Stokes F.

Sharpe J.

Scotney T.

Taylor H.

Taylor W.

Taylor E.A.

Toone A.

Toone B.

Toone C.E.

Toone K.

Toone K.

Toone P.

Toone R.

Tuck R.

Underwood A.

Underwood W.

Walker G.D.

Walker F.

Walford A.

Wardle J.

Warner J.

Whitwell H.

Willey A.

Willey C.

Willey P.

Willey T.

Willars E.

Worden H.

Wright H

Wright J.

Williams W.

Wilson J.

Wykes A.

Wykes L.

Woolston F.

Wells A.

Wells T.

Wells S.

Woolston H.

Woolston J.W.