Remember the 33

Flowers for Remembrance in the porch of Rothley Parish Church November 2011

Rothley Parish Church 11:11:11

5 members of the Rothley Parish Church Choir perform Songs of the Soldier Community with audience participation. Featuring Jonty Pilbeam, Nick Birkett, Jerry Pilbeam, Nigel Willey and John Tebbet.

Flowers for Remembrance in the porch of Rothley Parish Church. November 2011

Tom Rout, Curate of Rothley Parish Church, took the part of Private Arnold Edward Archer reading a letter from him to his parents sent on the 19th April 1918 which was Primrose Day in France.

'Arnold Edward Archer' with his great-niece, Joyce Proudman, who lives in the former home of the Archer family in Rothley

33 names plus 1 as Rifleman 305512 Bertie Bates of the London Rifle Brigade was a late addition to the War Memorial on Cross Green. He was killed in action on the Western Front on the 23rd March 1918

With special thanks to Terry Sheppard for devising and organising this event. Thanks also to the Leicestershire County Council War Memorials Project for inspiring all villages to record their memories and the men who fought for freedom.