RATS Detached 2 Stint 3


Date: 10TH December 2008

Observers: Brian Verity, Terry Sheppard and Marion Vincent

Location: Riding Spinney

OS Ref: SK5761312607

Map Title: Site 117 Riding Spinney

Owners: 47 The Ridgeway, Rothley, Leicester

Due to the overgrown vegetation it was decided to do a Spot Stint, as a linear stint together with photography would have been difficult. This spot was to give an idea of the ditch feature which is still in very good condition as we progress through the spinney.

Along this stint there is good evidence of individual ancient hawthorns close to the field side of the ditch and mixed woodland vegetation in the spinney.

Riding Spinney contains a lot of Dogs Mercury which is an ancient woodland indicator plant.

Brian Verity recording archaeological features.

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