Postcard Miscellany

Just a Line from Windsor

Lower Ward and St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

West Door, Crowland Abbey

Statue of George lll, Snow Hill, Windsor

Mayflower Memorial, Plymouth

Lifeboat Memorial, Caister-on-Sea

Gardens from Pier Approach, Bournemouth

Braid Hills, Edinburgh, looking north.

Gladys Cooper

Gladys Cooper

The Last Bus

Shooting the Rapids, Old Weir Bridge, Killarney

The reverse of the above reads:
Dear Arnie
Are you getting on alright because I am. We are having a splendid rest in Killarney although we had it a bit rough in Dublin. I had several narrow shaves. Will write a letter next time.
L/Cpl Bowley 3445
"D" Company
5th Leicestershire Regiment
59th Division
May 19th 1916

Oker Hill, Matlock
Showing view of famous Oker Tree immortalised by the poet Wordsworth

The message on the reverse of the above postcard reads:
Dear Arnold
I am enjoying my rest fine. There is plenty of Bottle Bass and Guinness Stout here. No queueing for it. Hope to be seeing you soon.
Fred 27th Gang