Old Rothley Photographs Album 9 History of the Future

It is easy to forget that we are making history everyday in Rothley but where will it be seen in 100 years time? Time to include a page that shows a few photographs from early 2000 onwards.

The Silver Star Garage, (Rothley Service Station) Loughborough Road, Rothley ready for demolition. August 2005

Rothley Service Station in 2003

The garage at the side of The Rothley Service Station. 2003

The Silver Star Garage, Loughborough Road, Rothley in final stage of demolition. November 2005

This was the Rothley Telephone Exchange many years ago. Woodgate, Rothley. 2003

The Primitive Methodist Chapel closed in the 1950's and now a private house in Mountsorrel lane, Rothley. 2003

Rothley Millennium Village Sign at The Ridings/Swithland Lane crossroads. 2003

Rothley Beat Officer PC4027 Manjit Vincent in 2003. Those were the days when we had a Police Constable looking after the village and looking very smart in her uniform.

Church Street, Rothley. 2002

Woodman's Stroke, Church Street, Rothley. 2002

Stockinger's Workshop. Woodgate, Rothley. 2003

Stockinger's Workshop a Grade ll Listed Building in Woodgate, Rothley. 2003

Listed Building in Fowke Street, Rothley. 2003

Listed Building, Town Green, Rothley. 2003

Side of Listed Building, Town Green, Rothley. 2003

Park Farm. Listed Building, Town Green, Rothley. 2003

Listed Building, Walkers Lane, Rothley. 2003

Town Green Street with Dormer House and entrance to Walkers Lane, Rothley. 2004

Fowke Street, Rothley. 2002

Dutchmans Wall, Anthony Street, Rothley 2003

North Street, Rothley, with Dutchmans Wall on the right. 2002

Anthony Street, Rothley. 2002

The Station end of The Ridgeway looking to The Ridings. 2003

The village sign entering Rothley. 2007

The design of the Knights Templar was the central figure in the Rothley Wallhanging. 2007

To find out more about the Rothley Heritage Wallhanging please click on the following link:

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