Old Rothley Photographs Album 10 More History of the Future

C .E .Bradley Minimarket, Woodgate. 2003

C. E. Bradley Minimarket. 2003

Bradley's Stores, Woodgate. February 2005

Templars of Rothley Piano Shop. 2003

Inside Templar Pianos. 2003

Templars, Woodgate. February 2005

Inside Templars. February 2005

Terry and Brian talking history inside Templars. 2005

Little Monkeys, Woodgate. December 2005

Chris Tivey, Chelsea award winning dahlias, Loughborough Road, Woodcock Farm, Rothley. September 2003

Libby's Lingerie, Cross Green, Rothley. 2003

Rothley Travel, Woodgate, Rothley. 2003

Oska Copperfield Nursery for rare and unusual plants. 2003

J. Oakland, Butcher, Woodgate, Rothley. Closed his shop on 17th January 2004. Photo January 2004

Tim at J. Oakland, Butchers of Woodgate. 2003

Latimer Design, Woodgate, Rothley. 2003

Inside Latimer Design. 2003

Zebra of Rothley, Woodgate. Debra greets her customers. 2003

Inside Zebra. 2003

Upper Crust, Woodgate. 2003

The Flower Shop, Cross Green. 2003

The Flower Shop, Cross Green. 2003

Moorland House, Printing and Display, Woodgate. 2003

Julies, Woodgate. 2003

Julies. Lynne at work. 2003

Julies. Lisa at work with Jane in the background. 2003

Rothley Pharmacy, Woodgate. 2003

David North, Station Road, Rothley. 2003

Corts Hardware, Mountsorrel Lane, Rothley. 2003

Just Cuts, Cross Green. 2003

Executive Dry Cleaners and Video Rental, Woodgate. 2003

Ray Mills, Motor Engineer and Garage, Town Green Street, Rothley. 2003

Hill Top Garage, Loughborough Road, Rothley. 2003

Hartley, Estate Agents, Woodgate, Rothley. 2003

Annie, Rothley Library, Mountsorrel Lane, Rothley. 2003

AK Machinery and Mowers, by Hilltop Garage, Loughborough Road, Rothley. 2003. It closed in 2004.

Mountsorrel Cars, by the side of Hilltop Garage, Loughborough Road, Rothley. 2003

Woodcock Farm shop, Loughborough Road, Rothley. 2003

Giant Hogweed, Woodcock Farm, by the shop. 2003

The Fire Station, Cross Green, Rothley. 2003

Eastern Chef, Woodgate. 2003

Rothley Fisheries, Time and Plaice Restaurant, Cross Green. 2003

Inside the Time and Plaice Restaurant, Rothley Fisheries. 2003

Inside Pooks Auto Bookshop, Victoria Mills, Fowke Street. 2003

Inside Pooks Bookshop. 2003

Inside Pooks Bookshop. 2003

Rothley Post Office, Woodgate. 2003

David Lynch, Postmaster, Rothley Post Office. 2003

Rothley Skateboard Park, off Fowke Street Recreation Ground. 2003

Clubhouse for Bowls Club and Tennis Club. off Mountsorrel Lane, Rothley. 2003

Tennis courts. 2003

Rothley Bowls Club, off Mountsorrel lane, Rothley. 2003

Woodgate, Rothley. 2003

Woodgate, Rothley. 2003