Various Road Waiting Restrictions20190620

The County Councils Cabinet resolved a report for Managing Traffic in Leicestershire Communities. A review in to how best to manage the whole network across the County identified "On-street" parking as a factor that can affect the economy. The objectives are to encourage sensible and safe parking to keep traffic moving, make the road network safer and to meet the publics' needs and demands for on-street parking to assist with the local economy requirements.

All County roads with existing restricted waiting restrictions (single yellow lines) have been reviewed. Consideration was given to the location, the times of the restriction and the correct usage of the restriction. This proposal looks to amend or remove these restrictions.

The main reasons for the proposed changes are to remove the restriction to provide parking (limited or unrestricted), changing the times of operation for consistency or changing to a more appropriate restriction for the location.

The times of operation and duration of stay for limited waiting parking restrictions have also been reviewed to ensure that there is a consistent approach to on street parking management.

Posted: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 12:23 by Pamela Campbell Armstrong

Tags: Road Works