Telephone Scam

Message to residents from our Dedicated Neighbourhood Police Officer

We would like to warn our local resident's that there is a scam going on in the County where criminals telephone people in their own homes claiming to be police officers or from their phone provider or bank's fraud department. The fraudster is generally very convincing and they will claim that they are investigating the bank. They will ask the victim to withdraw an amount of money which they will ask to be given to a courier or left in a certain place as part of a sting operation.

Please be aware that the police, your bank and phone provider will never telephone you and ask you to withdraw money. Also be aware that they will never telephone a customer and ask for their bank account details. If you receive one of these calls then contact the bank, police or phone company immediately. Don't use the number that the caller gives you and use a different phone to call them because these criminals can often still be on the line but make it sound as if they have put the phone down. If you don't have a second phone that you can call from then please ask a neighbour to phone them for you.

Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 12:26 by Gail Newcombe

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