Rothley Cemetery - Badger Activity

We are currently experiencing a high amount of activity by Badgers as they search around for white grubs that are emerging at present from under the turf. The Badgers in an attempt to eat the grubs are destroying large swathes of the grass during the hours of darkness.

R.P.C. appreciate that where this has happened it is causing distress to families who come to visit departed relatives or friends.

This activity is totally out of our control but we are seeking advice from Badger Watch and the Environment Agency. One possible reason for the increase in this activity may well be the disturbance and disappearance of nearby of grassland that is now being developed for housing and roads. We are in contact with Charnwood Borough Council regarding this issue.

Once the activity has ceased we will endeavor to restore the grass back to its original state ………though this may not be until early Spring 2017.

Posted: Wed, 02 Nov 2016 11:54 by Gail Newcombe

Tags: Maintenance