Mountsorrel Lane Recreation Ground


Reference was found on a website to this playing field being a Memorial Recreation Ground but there is no real evidence of this in the Rothley Parish Council Minutes. There is reference to the land being purchased by Harry Hames on behalf of Rothley but this was done to enable the parish council to repay him when funds were available.

Details of the unveiling of the war memorial on Cross Green were found in the Leicester Advertiser dated 30th July 1921 and included:

'Rothley's tribute to her dead and those who served in the Great War takes the form of a sports ground (which though not formally opened has been in use for some time) and a granite obelisk'

No report has been found of the opening of the Recreation Ground and no mention made when the sports pavilion was officially opened.

In 2016 the Recreation Ground is home to the Rothley Ivanhoe Tennis Club, the Rothley Bowls Club, the Rothley Community Library and a recreation area. There are plans to build a new Rothley Centre on the site but funding is an issue at the present time. (2016)

Mountsorrel Lane Recreation Ground