Minutes November 1944


For the first hour or so we sat around and chatted amongst ourselves or played or watched billiards and then we had a debate-the motion being "Swing and Jazz are better than Classical Music"
For the motion:Bob and Selwyn.
Against:Pat and Geoff.
All four speakers brought out their points well although in all cases, they were not necessarily agreed with or correct.
Mr. Skinner, who had come to talk to us about the Concert, spoke generally about Jazz, Jam Sessions, Swing, the Classics, and for that matter, all kinds of music. He promised to come next week and play us some records to illustrate his points-the Club has found a good friend.
At 9.15, we started to discuss the Concert, Mr. Skinner said that next week could also be "Audition Night"! June is going to write out the programme etc.
No service was held as the meeting did not end until about 9.40.



Mr. Skinner spoke to us about various kinds of music-he made it more interesting by illustrating his talk with gramophone records-these were put on by Ray Jacklin whom we hope will be able to get to the Club often. Actually the talk was reminiscent of Dobson and Young of B.B.C. fame.
The Service followed at about 8.30 after which a few of us discussed the Concert with Mr. Skinner. Bob is to be Compere: John-Floor Manager: Geoff-Stage Manager and June-Producer. A few members also met on Tuesday to discuss the items; so all being well we should start rehearsing next Thursday; however that means we've only got five Thursday on which to rehearse.
A rough game (so far un-named) ended the evening although a few members stayed on to play billiards and drink minerals.



We started with a "mad" game-chasing each other around the room with a strap.
Then six of the boys sang "Widdicombe Fair" after quite a "schmozzle". This was a rehearsal for the concert. The rest of the programme was made out.
For the rest of the evening we just sat and talked, fooled about or played billiards-two members were actually seen reading!
No prayers were held as most of the Club went home early.



The unhappiest evening in the History of the Club! The Vicar "had a bone to pick with us" about the cleanliness of the room, members ignoring him, members going before prayers last week. He thought that, maybe, it would be better if we found a new room-he suggested the Village Hall-he said that he'd raise funds for us.
Then we discussed everything after which June, Bob, Philip, Geoff and I went to see the Vicar in the sitting-room. He said he was sorry for "getting us wrong" and that he and Mrs. Becker wanted to do everything they could for the Club. Also, on behalf of the Club, we apologised to the Vicar for everything.
A few new rules have been made:-
Members who go on speaking etc. when the President calls for order will be suspended for a short time from the Club.
Two members will be appointed to clean the room each week.
The service will be held as soon after 9 o'clock as possible. Members who cannot attend this must see the Vicar.
The Concert-Social is on December 16th-only three weeks to rehearse but we're determined to make it a success. Rehearsals are also being held individually in mid-week.
No service was held. Here's hoping everything will be alright and that the Club gets back quickly into its original stride.



We were rehearsing all the evening. The players in the sketch "An American Bar" rehearsed in the kitchen while the "Hawaiian Dames" rehearsed in the Club-room. The people not in either played billiards, talked or watched.
Then followed a rehearsal of "Widdicombe Fair". Brian is in charge of the Hawaiian act, June of the sketch and Joan of the singing. At last we are really getting down to the arduous task of rehearsing.
The Vicar took the prayers at about 9.0 after which we went on our ways!

Charles W.Hancock