Minutes March 1945


Various items in the concert were rehearsed. Everyone has been given until next week to know their parts-that leaves three Thursdays before the concert.
As it was Joan's birthday we had a feed, a very welcome surprise!
The Vicar took prayers after which we played "Murder" and the inevitable "Winking"



We rehearsed for the concert all the evening. The rehearsals are going quite well-all parts are already pretty well known. Quite a few tickets have already been sold and there are posters all around the village.
The Vicar took the prayers at 8.30 which was, believe it or not, followed by more rehearsing and no kissing games.



We were rehearsing again for the whole evening-everything seems to be going very well indeed.
After the prayers at 8.30 we had the Seventh Election. This time we nominated the President and Committee instead of voting by Secret Ballot.

PRESIDENT: Geoff. Rochester.
David Hall
Bill Hancock
Bob Lovett
Winifred Ives
Pat Rochester

A lot of tickets have been sold for the concert and it looks as though we will have a "full house".



Everything in the concert was rehearsed this evening, as well as every previous evening this week-nevertheless everything is not going quite as well as it should considering the concert is in less than forty eight hours! All the same, I'm convinced it will go very well as everyone is determined to give their best and nothing but!

We haven't had a full dress-rehearsal but that shouldn't spoil the concert although one or two of us may feel rather self-conscious!
The tickets are still selling quite well, but as yet it doesn't look as though we'll get as much as at the concert last Easter. But then, the tickets were 2/6 and 2/0 instead of 2/0 and 1/6.


P.S. The prayers were held in the middle of the evening, as usual.



The Rothley Youth Club Concert was held in the Village Hall on Saturday March 24th from 7.30-10.30. It was on behalf of the Leicester Royal Infirmary for which we raised the grand sum of £22.5s.
The show was compered, amusingly, by Willie Cook.
The items were as follows:

"Happy Days are here again" with the Club chorus.
"Phil and Bill in a Good Policy" with Philip Roots as "the Insurance Agent" and Bill Hancock as the "dame".
"Gems from the Classics". Joan Wright singing "One Fine Day" and "The Pipes of Pan are Calling"
"Monologue Moments". Iris Smith reciting two humorous monologues.

"Sweet and Low". Bob Lovett and Philip Morris singing "Heather Rose".
"Magazines Portrayed". The Youth Club representing 12 different magazines.
"Two Girls, a Piano and a Song". Winifred Ives singing "You're as Pretty as a Picture", "When April Sings" and "Waltzing in the Clouds" with Shirley Ball at the piano.
"Watch the Birdie".-a sketch with June Mansell as the "dame".
David Hall as "the Baron". Geoff Rochester, Pearl Pentelow and Bob Lake.
"Tenor Time"-Bob Lovett singing "I'll walk beside you" and "One Alone".
"G-G-Ghosts". A sketch with Bryan Bollen, Philip Roots, Geoff Rochester and Winifred Ives as "the Ghost".
"Stars' Party". Bob Lovett and Willie Cook imitating famous stars of stage, screen and radio.

Next came the interval during which Geoff Rochester, as President, thanked the Vicar, Mr. Green and Mr. Mansell, who accompanied Joan and Joan and Bob, for everything they had done towards making the Concert a success. Mr. Green thanks the Club on behalf of the Rothley Infirmary Bed Fund Committee. Then came the raffle draw and six eggs were auctioned, these realized twelve shillings.

The second half of the show opened with "Country Magazine". Geoff, David, Bob. "Ticker" Philip, and Philip singing "Widdicombe Fair" and "Up-i-di".
"Rhyme Time", Pat Rochester reciting Rudyard Kipling's poems "If" and "The Rivals".

"Duet Delights"-Joan and Bob singing "Will You Remember".
"Melodies on Strings". Bryan (electric guitar) and Philip (guitar) playing popular songs.
"Yokel goes Yank"-with Stanley Fletcher ("Ticker"), Bob, Philip, Bill, Pat, June and Philip Pentelow (four words!).
"A Smile and a Song". Peggy Dennis singing "All of my Life", "Long Ago" and "Mary's a Grand Old Name" with David at the piano.
"Saturday Night Theatre".-with-June, Joan, Willie, Bob and Geoff and Philip and Robert Lake as the "effects" men.
"David in the Groove!!" David singing "Only a Rose" with Joan at the piano and then David playing one or two popular songs including "My Guy's Gone Back" and "In the Mood".
"Willie and Bobby do Business". Willie as the "dame" and Bob in a sketch.
"Tap It Off". Iris singing "It had to be You" and tap dancing with David at the piano.
"Happy Days are here again" (again"). This time all the Club trouped on to the stage for the finale and "The King".
"Ticker" also accompanied William in an interlude between the acts.



As the concert is a thing of the past we played games for most of the evening-quite a welcome change.
We started by playing "Beating the Donkey" followed by the "Parish Priest" with some amusing forfeits.
After one or two games-one or two business matters were discussed-Monday's cycle-ride when we are going to Oaks-in-Charnwood-tea for the M.C.A. bell-ringers-the Deanary Youth Committee representative-three boys for a play at Sileby-we only got one volunteer-the cleaning of the Club Room.
This was followed by the service conducted by the Vicar. The Vicar said he'd heard that a certain man thought there were one or two doubtful jokes in the concert. By the way we've already got £20 and there is still some more money to come in.
We finished with a game of "Striptease".