Minutes June 1945


This evening we started by playing a game of General Knowledge-the paper and pencil version.
Then we had the first round of the table-tennis tournament and most of the first round of the billiards tournament. We finished with the Vicar taking the prayers.

Table-Tennis Tourmament-First Round

Bill beat Philip Roots
Shelia beat Pat
June beat Willie
Iris beat Shirley
David beat Philip Pentelow
Winnie beat Neville
Norma beat Robert
Bob beat June Blythe

Billiards Tournament-First Round

Pearl beat June Blythe
Iris beat Robert
Neville beat Geoff.
Philip Pentelow beat Winnie
Bill beat David

To be played

Sheila v Norma
Willie v Bob
Pat v June


MINUTES 14th JUNE 1945

Another very dull evening. All anyone did was to play rounders. The rest of the evening was passed away by members chatting or playing the piano or just fooling! What a Club! It's not the President's fault-it's the fault of the members.
We finished per usual with the service taken by the Vicar.


MINUTES 21st JUNE 1945

Not much to report. To begin with-June conducted a Quiz. Then there was a game with a rope. Then at about 8.30 we had prayers and everyone went home or to the fair at 8.50 or so.
Tonight there were only 13 members present, the lowest attendance in the history of the Club. At one meeting we had 39 members present. In those days it used to be a Club in the real sense of the word but now it can be aptly described as "somewhere to go on a Thursday evening". I might be in the minority-other people may enjoy it-some even appear to. But if only we could bring it back to its old high standard. Not so long ago it was described by a visitor, who had had experience of several similar clubs, as the best Club he'd ever been to. Let's hope it'll be just that again soon!


P.S. T.T.T. 2nd round

David beat Winnie

MINUTES 28th JUNE 1945

Another dull meeting-interest is definitely lacking. We're due to do a show at Mr. Gee's soon. Whether this will renew interest in the Club I can not possibly say. The concerts always brought fresh interest, but many people will be on holiday when this one happens.
We'll have to see what the future holds.
We ended with the Vicar taking prayers.