Consolidated and Staveley Charities


In July 1907 the above Charities were made into a sub-joined Scheme to be administered and managed by four trustees with one Ex-officio being the Vicar for the time being of the Parish of Rothley and three Representative Trustees. These latter Trustees to be appointed by the Parish Council of Rothley and each appointment was for a term of four years.
All Trustees had to sign a declaration of acceptance and a willingness to act before they could be officially appointed.
Any Trustee who did not attend any of the meetings during a one year period would cease to be a Trustee. Likewise, if anyone was declared bankrupt or incapacitated from acting, they also ceased to be a Trustee.
Any competent Trustee was eligible for re-appointment.

Meetings of the Trustees were at least once a year and a special meeting could be called giving four days notice. A minimum of two Trustees could hold a meeting and a Chairman was appointed at the start of each meeting. He had the casting vote when needed. Minutes were taken and accounts kept. Trustees could claim expenses out of the charity income before further monies were used for charitable purposes.


The yearly income was to be generally used for the benefit of the poor of Rothley or other deserving residents as selected by the Trustees. It had to be used in a way most advantageous to the recipients and 'most conducive to the formation of provident habits':

1. The supply of clothes, linen, bedding, fuel, tools, medical or other aid in sickness, food or other articles in kind.

2. Temporary relief in money, by way of a loan or otherwise, in case of unexpected loss or sudden destitution.

The income from the Trusts could not be applied to aid any of the rates for the relief of the poor or other purposes, or so that any individual or institution may become entitled to a periodical or recurrent benefit.

All decisions were to be made at meetings and not by an individual Trustee. No Trustee was to receive remuneration or have an interest in the supply of work or goods.

The Charity Commissioners determined construction of the Scheme and could be approached on any questions of acts carried out.


In July 1907 the Consolidated Charities held capital of £60.0.0 and the Charity of the Reverend Staveley was made up of rentcharge issuing out of lands in the Parishes of Cossington and Birstall. The Gross Yearly Income was £ 1.10.0 from the Consolidated Charities capital and £1.0.0 from the rentcharge of the Staveley Charity. The money was invested in the name of 'The Official Trustees of Charitable Funds'.

In 2011 the Consolidated Charities held monies amounting to £53,000, which must always remain as capital, plus a further £25,400 which can be utilised by the Trustees.

This Charity benefited by a generous gift of £50,000 in the Will of County Councillor, Bob Osborne.

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