Charles Church 'Athena'

This is the next development by Charles Church with access from Hallfields Lane and leading to the new school and yet another 'Grot Spot' making our village look unkempt and uncared for.

The area around the two holding ponds is a disgrace with litter everywhere. On Friday 5th February Marion and Anita went on a litter pick and were totally disgusted with what they found. Starting at the new car park fronting Hallfields Lane, including the pavement side of the hedgerow, was one big load of cans and bottles, sweet wrappers and bags, and who decided to throw their car parcel shelf over the fence into the adjoining field?

The bags and litter around and in the large holding pond is very detrimental to wildlife and causes death to water birds either in their systems or wrapped around their bills so they cannot feed. The smaller holding pond to the left of Warren Way was disgusting and the landscaped area around it alive with torn medical papers and plastic bags.

Where the Public Footpath from Hallfields Lane to Blue Gate Lane crosses between the houses on 'Avalon' and 'Athena' the litter is everywhere.

What a litter strewn development in 2016 in the village of Rothley

Where the footpath from Hallfields Lane cuts through the two developments. February 2016

Just part of the litter on the footpath. February 2016

Close to the new school. February 2016

The car park off Hallfields Lane attracts a lot of litter. February 2016

Why did someone need to tip this over the car park fence? Because they thought it was a tip judging by the rubbish already there? February 2016

The holding pond to the left of Warren Way. February 2016

Rubbish around the holding pond. February 2016

The holding pond to the right of Warren Way with lots of rubbish in and around the water. February 2016