Beyond the Brook


by Linda Vann

Note from Glynda Winterson, nee Glynda Halman.

My grandmother Linda Vann was born Linda Waldram and the family home with father Joseph Waldram and mother Florence was at the lower end of Mountsorrel Lane-Edna Cottage
One of her grandfathers was Benjamin Armstrong. Her brothers were Will and Cyril Waldram.
My mother Joan Halman, nee Vann, lived at 108 Mountsorrel Lane. She was born in that house and so was I. My grandfather Herbert Vann moved there from Leicester on his marriage to Linda Waldram.

The stepping stones over Rothley Brook in 1906 are featured in the book. Looking to Town Green and The Old House.

Benjamin Armstrong, the last framework knitter in Rothley.

To read about an Edwardian city childhood by Herbert H. Vann, husband of Linda Vann, please click on the following link:

With thanks to Glynda Winterson for permission to publish this book.