1899-1912 Organ 1



May 11th
Having heard a report respecting the organ it was decided to take a canvas of the Church and Congregation to see what they will give towards it and that friends Jones and Brown make the canvas.

September 4th
Agreed that the Secretary write to Mr. Chaplan of Groby to ask him the name of the Builder of the organ so that we can ascertain what the cost of moving and fitting would be likely to be.

September 21st
Proposed, Sec. and Carried that having heard the report as to the cost of removing and Fixing the organ we decide to purchase and the secretary write to ask them to meet us with part of the cost and that it be handed over to the committee appointed to carry out the purchase.

October 19th
(11)Agreed to write to Mr. Chaplan of Groby to inform him that our Friends will be over on Saturday 28th as near 7 o'clock as possible to complete the Purchase of the organ and that it be removed on the following Monday if possible.

(111)Proposed, and Sec carried that we have a organ Recital on Thursday night Nov. 2nd and that we ask Mr. North of Quorn to give it.

(1V) and that we have Special Services on Sunday Nov. 5th Afternoon and Evening and a collection at Each Service on behalf of the organ fund and that we have 50 Bills Printed for the ocacion and that it is left in the Hands of the Committee to carry it out.

(V) Propose and Sec Carried that we have the organ Guilded and Varnished.

November 30th
(11) it was unanimously agreed that the old organ Committee be again appointed to complete the organ business.

(111) Proposed, Sec and carried that we sell the old Harmonium and that Brother Thomas Waldram be the Purchaser for the sum of £5 and that he pays a deposit of £2 before it is Removed and the Remainder on or before the 15th day of October 1900.


February 4th
It was agreed to accept Mr. Foster kindly offer to get some of his Friends to come and give a Concert in order to try to get a little towards the organ fund.

March 26th
(111) Proposed Sec and carried that we have a Service of Song Good Friday and that we ask Mr. James to give the Reading and that the Service of Song be Repeated on Easter Sunday Afternoon and the question of tea stand over until Sunday Evening.

(1V) Proposed Sec and carried that the Proceeds be equally divide between the Chapel and Organ Fund.


January 3rd 1905
(1V) Proposed Sec and carried that we get a Boy to Blow the organ and that we give them the Chance to take it in turns of one each and we give them 6d each.


June 21st
(3) Agreed that Mr. A.E.Keyworth should be asked for advice as to the removal of the organ.

August 11th
(5) Decided that we make Mr. Keyworth a practical acknowledgement of his services to us in removing the organ etc. We agreed to give him a book of voluntaries.

December 1st
We agreed to allow Alfred Archer to practise on the chapel organ.



After careful consideration we decided to invite Mr. C. Disney, who has on several occasions presided at the organ, to accept the post of Organist at a salary of £3 per annum. In the event of acceptance of this position he would be required to play for Practise and on Sunday evenings only: Miss A. Staples, who has been organist for several years, kindly agrees to be responsible for the Morning Service.

July 26th
The friends selected to interview Mr. C. Disney as to inviting him to officiate as organist reported that, subject to one or two conditions, Mr. Disney was agreeable to the arrangement.

As the organ was found to be in need of repairs we decided that Mr. Taylor, of Leicester, shall be asked to estimate to put the instrument into good order.

August 17th
The statement as to the cost of repairs to the organ was also shown, together with a note intimating that another organ was for disposal. After careful consideration we resolved to appoint a deputation to examine the instrument which is for sale, and report to the next Church meeting.

August 28th
Upon the report of the friends who examined the organ for sale by Messrs. Taylor & Son of Leicester, it was decided to purchase the instrument, and dispose of the one we have now in our possession.

October 5th
The subject of the new organ was dealt with. We decided to obtain from Mr. Taylor a definite date for delivery of same.

November 23rd
It was ascertained that the organ would be delivered approximately Jan 30th 1912

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