OS REF:SK585131


Date: 11th January 2003

I was seeking information about Walnut Trees in Rothley so that they could be recorded and details sent to a database compiling all walnut trees in the country. This was a wood once much favoured by furniture makers until Mahogany started to be shipped in from West Africa. Walnut reaches a good size in 50 years and the database would show the most mature trees for increasing stock.
I received a call from the owners of The Willows and invited to record their walnut tree. Its girth at chest height measured 2.6m and it fruits well. These fruits produce young trees and some of them were planted up and eventually planted in the Donkey Field in Rothley (Site 140)

Ancient Walnut Tree 115 with a girth of 2.6m. This tree fruits well and young trees grown from its nuts are planted in the Donkey Field Site 140. January 2003

Walnut Tree 115 in full leaf. June 2003

Looking from the garden of the Willows over the paddock. Walnut Tree 115 to the right. January 2003

The rear paddock is ridge and furrow and there are some old willow trees along the boundary leading to the ancient walnut. These are recorded below. The paddock is currently used for Shetland ponies, a horse and sheep.

The owner made an interesting comment that the road down to their property was called the Bier Road. We know that there was once a Bier Road and this property is between the cemetery and the church. Yet another mystery to solve!

Looking further left from the garden of The Willows over the rear paddock. Tree 147 extreme right. January 2003

Ancient Ash Tree 147 in the rear paddock of The Willows. Assessed to have a girth of over 3m it was difficult to access as it is growing on the edge of a pond. May 2003

The house takes its name from the willows in the rear paddock. There are four growing in a line from the rear boundary to the house. Tree 148 has a girth of 2.7m May 2003

Willow Tree 149 has an estimated girth of 3m. May 2003

Willow Tree 150 severely cut back but re-growing. Girth of 1.95m. May 2003

Willow Tree 151 severely cut back but re-growing. Girth of 2.55m. May 2003

Pond 17 The Willows Pond, at the rear of the paddock. This extends into the site beyond where it then runs into marsh and mud until it reaches Rothley Brook. Ash Tree 147 to the right. May 2003

Pond 17 The Willows Pond. Used by mallards and moorhens which stir up the mud. May 2003

The pond has been recorded as Pond 17 The Willows Pond. This was an original Field Pond but was enlarged by digging out one side with the soil heap being left on the side.

This paddock gets very wet and fed from springs and makes an excellent muddy habitat particularly in the field over the rear hedge. On the Mountsorrel Lane opposite the entrance to Farnham Close is a property called 'Springfield House' which indicates the presence of water.

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