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Date: 18th October 2002

This is a very interesting building in lovely grounds. Like most old vicarages it has been changed around and was at one time a nursing home, becoming a private house once more in the mid 1960's.
The original stable block and cottages have been divided off from the main building and are now private houses.
The Old Vicarage has a frontage to Rothley Brook, another boundary with the churchyard and another to The Grange (Site 122). Beyond the Rothley Brook to the front of the Old Vicarage is Priests Meadow (Site 146).
In front of the Old Vicarage is a Ha-Ha which is shown on old maps. Part of it was flattened to make a sweep of lawn down to the brook.

The Ha-ha can be seen to the right. October 2002

There is a magnificent Hornbeam Tree (Tree111) with a girth of 5.1m but this includes a split trunk. Its huge branches sweep down to the lawn and is a beautiful sight at the end of the drive close to the house.

Ancient Hornbeam Tree 111 with a girth of 5.1m October 2002

The Hornbeam's magnificent trunk. October 2002

The leaves and fruit of the ancient Hornbeam. October 2002

Ancient Hornbeam Tree 111 with a girth of 5.1m. May 2007

There are also two very good sized Horse Chestnut Trees (Trees 112 and 113) and an Oak Tree (Tree 114

Ancient Horse Chestnut Tree 112 with a girth of 3.0m. Loaded with conkers. October 2002

Ancient Horse Chestnut Tree 113 with a girth of 3.1m. Loaded with conkers. October 2002

Ancient Oak Tree 114 (at the back) with a girth of 3.0m. October 2002

In 2002 a young Walnut Tree was planted in the front border amongst other interesting trees and shrubs such as Willow-leafed Pear with fruit.

October 2002 a newly planted Walnut Tree

The walnut in May 2007

The approach to the Old Vicarage is by a tree-lined drive from Hallfields Lane and with lots of good Yews which are so appropriate to the building and neighbouring chuchyard

The approach through Priest's Meadow

A lovely back door. October 2002

A Vicarage Life by Mary Manton

In 1938 the Revd. Charles Becher brought his wife and family to live in Rothley Vicarage for six years. Mary Manton (nee Becher), one of his daughters, wrote a short account of her life there and this was published by the Rothley History Society as the first in their series of Rothley Chronicles.
It is a very interesting story about the house and grounds, the churchyard and the village.

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