OS REF:SK583124



Wednesday August 15th 2001

Weather: Very hot and very sunny.

Observers: Marion Vincent and Janice Verity

Location: Recreation Field "Recky" Town Green Street, Rothley, Leicester.

Owner: Rothley Parish Council, Council Office, Mountsorrel Lane, Rothley, Leicester. Tel 0116 2374544

OS Reference: SK 583124

This field has four boundaries:

Railings along Town Green Street

A very overgrown hedge of hawthorn and ash with some mature trees bordering Field 1, with signs of a ditch.

Granite wall, brick sides of garages, modern lap fencing.

Rothley Brook.

Again, this is a field with the embankment for the flood alleviation scheme.

The field is divided into two, one part being mown regularly for recreation and the other half left to its own devices. This half is mainly an overgrown tangle of stinging nettle, hedge bindweed meadowsweet, great willowherb, broad-leaved dock, creeping thistle, bramble and silverweed. There are ash trees of varying ages and on one boundary need to be measured for the Ancient Tree Survey.

Surveying this area is a spring job when the vegetation has died down and there is better access to the trees.

Thursday 23rd August 2001

Visited the Rothley Parish Council Office and in the discussion I mentioned the unkempt state of part of the Recreation Ground and what could be done with it as a nature area or similar. Advised by the Parish Clerk that there had been talk of seeking a swap with the field adjoining, which I call Field 1, so that the Donkey Field and Field 1 could form a larger more useful recreation area. This is possibly something for the future but it means that a detailed survey of the hedgerows and mature trees should be undertaken this autumn so that they are assessed in any possible development.

Site 140C Recreation Ground. Looking from Town Green Street to Rothley Brook and Brookfield Farm. 2000

Site 140C Looking from the far end of the Recreation Ground over the floodbank and Rothley Brook to Brookfield Farm. 2000

Site 140C Recreation Ground. Hedgerow with Site 140B to the right. Looking to Town Green Street. 2001

Site 140C Recreation Ground. Looking to Rothley Brook and Brookfield Farm. Boundary with houses on Town Green Street to the right. 2001

Site 140c Recreation Ground. On the floodbank at the far end of the site with Rothley Brook to the right. Looking to Hallfields Lane. 2001

Site 140C Recreation Ground to the right and Rothley Brook to the left. From the floodbank looking to Town Green. 2001


Taken from the top of the flood bank and looking to Town Green Street. 23rd April 2013

Recreation Ground to the left, Rothley Brook to the right, taken from the flood bank and looking to Hallfields Lane. 23rd April 2013

The scene above may change in 2015 when a bridge is built over the brook for access to the new Primary School opened in January 2015. This will allow access from Town Green Street, through this site, over the bridge and a short distance to the school. In early 2017 it looks promising that the bridge might be started.

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