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Accessed from Anthony Street, opposite the Dutchmans' Wall

KEN BUNNEY 1917-1986
A Limited Edition Print of 30, this being 14, by Checkland Kindleysides of Rothley.
This now hangs in the Lecture Room at the Rothley Centre (2016)

Rothley Parish Council purchased this field to ensure that it remained a green space within the centre of the village. Named after Mr Bunney who ran it as a smallholding, with his hens and animals and a collection of old farm machinery, the name was retained and now always called 'Bunney's Field'.

Bunney's Field from Hallfields Lane. Anthony Street with Dutchmans' Wall to the left. October 2000

It is now used for village events, rather like an old village green, and is regularly mown. It is bordered on one side by the Rothley Brook, on another by a railing fence, on another by a fence with hedgerow (looking very worn out in 2012) along Anthony Street and the other boundary with wooden fencing and hedgerow along the edge of the car park of the Woodman's Stroke.

The boundary along Anthony Street has a deep ditch running from the Donkey Field, under Hallfields Lane and to the brook. This border is fenced off from the mown area of Bunney's Field and in 2012 it is in a bad state with broken hedgerow and highly invasive hops which get so heavy that they break down the trees and hedgerow. This will be the subject of another project from 2012.

Young trees were planted in 1999 along the boundary with Hallfields Lane. One died in 2011 and will be replaced.

Date: 30th July 2001

A visit was made on a hot, sunny day to look at the wildlife in Bunney's Field. It was excellent for butterflies in the rough area along the ditch boundary of Anthony Street. Gatekeeper, Comma, Peacock, Meadow Brown, Small Tortopiseshell and Holly Blue were recorded and also a Brown Hawker Dragonfly.

Date: 9th August 2001

This was to look at the vegetation on the banks of the ditch along Anthony Street. With the field being regularly mown no records could be obtained to be of use in this survey.
The ditch produced the following:
Hawthorn, Stinging nettle, White dead nettle, Hedge bindweed, Creeping thistle, Spear thistle, Bramble. White bryony, Great willowherb, Common cleavers, White clover, Broad-leaved dock, Ribwort plantain, Blackthorn, Meadow sweet, Silverweed, Ragwort, Coltsfoot, Hop, Ox-eye daisy, Perforate St. John's wort.
The water in the ditch contained Pond weed. Bees were very active around the vegetation.

On the banks of Rothley Brook was Water Figwort and on another boundary we found Horseradish, Cut-leaved cranesbill and Nipplewort.

On the 4th September 2001 a botanical survey was carried out by Charnwood Wildlife which also recorded the species mentioned above but also adding Creeping buttercup and daisy. In the ditch area there is Reed sweet-grass and Reed canary-grass. The invasive bramble and hops were also mentioned.
Charnwood Wildlife noted that the Rothley Brook was a Site of Interest for Nature Conservation (SINC) with good populations of fish and also Kingfishers.
Charnwood Wildlife Site Survey for Bunney's Field, The Donkey Field and adjacent land dated 04/09/2001 Ref: W5812/2

Looking from Hallfields Lane over Bunney's Field to the church. 1998

Local artist John Kennedy used the above photograph as his Christmas card in 2007

Looking to the Woodman's Stroke car park. 2001

Looking to Hallfields Lane from the entrance on Anthony Street. Brookfield Farm to the rear. 2001

Looking to Hallfields Lane. 2001

Newly planted trees on the Hallfields Lane boundary. 2001

The bridge over Rothley Brook on Hallfields Lane. From Bunney's Field. 2001

Rothley Brook runs along one boundary of Bunney's Field. 2001

Looking from the Anthony Street entrance to the bridge on Hallfields Lane. Brookfield Farm to the rear. 2001

The ditch (drain) running along the Anthony Street boundary is good for wildlife but overrun with hops. 2001

Looking to the ditch (drain) along Anthony Street. 2001

Looking down the ditch (drain) to the Woodman's Stroke. 2001

The ditch (drain) still unfenced in 2001

Looking over Bunney's Field with Hallfields Lane to the right. 2001

Do you remember the White-clawed Crayfish seat looking into Bunney's Field. September 2003

Bunney's Field in September 2003

What happened to the White-clawed Crayfish seat? It was discovered on the 14th April 2010 looking like a dead pre-historic monster on a rubbish tip at Brookfield Farm.

The White-clawed Crayfish seat was replaced with a much more comfortable view of Bunney's Field. February 2012

Bunney's Field in September 2006 looking from the corner of Anthony Street and Hallfields Lane

Early pictures of Bunney's Field show the vegetation newly planted and looking clean and tidy. In 2011 part of it became a project for improving the Rothley image. To find out what was done please click on the following link:


The channel completely overgrown in places. April 2013

The channel on the left close to Hallfields Lane. April 2013

One of the Bunney's Field original apple trees. April 2013

Looking over Bunney's Field with Hallfields Lane to the right. April 2013

Bunney's Field boundary with the Woodman's Stroke. April 2013

The entrance on Anthony Street. April 2013

The transformation in 2014

A transformation took place at the end of 2013 and into 2014 and the overgrown vegetation has been removed and planting has begun. Whilst 'overgrown' can be good for some wildlife it is no good in the long term when dominant species take over.
To see what Bunney's Field is like in 2013/2014 and our COMMUNITY ORCHARD please click on the following link:



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