OS REF SK568128

This field is part of Westfield Farm and accessed over the fields from The Ridgeway or a track from Swithland Lane.

Site 107 Barnes' Field with Swithland Lane gardens to the left. February 2007

Site 107 Barnes' Field. February 2007

Site 107 Barnes' Field looking down the track to the Swithland Lane. February 2007

Field Pond 1 in Site 107 Barnes' Field with Ancient Tree 22. Pond sited on the boundary woth Site 108 12 Acre Field. March 2002

Field Pond 1 Site 107 Barnes' Field getting overgrown in February 2007. Ancient Tree 22 at the back.

Ancient Tree 22 by Pond 1 Site 107 Barnes' Field

Date: 13th March 2002

This field has a pond recorded as Field Pond 1 which needs to be investigated for wildlife. It will be very overgrown with nettles in the spring but contains a good amount of water.
There is a good Oak Tree recorded on the 23rd March 2002 as follows:
Tree 22 Oak Girth 4.1m
Field Pond 1 recorded on the 3rd April 2002 with a good amount of water but on the 14th September 2002 it was quite dry. This pond is approx. 6m wide and 6m long but the depth is unknown. The pond is not maintained, it contained a lot of blanket weed and signs of water life. It is surrounded by tall vegetation.
A visit to the pond on the 3rd February 2007 showed it to have a good amount of water. It had also been fenced off.

Following the death of Kathleen Hyman in 2006 the farm will no longer remain in the Hyman family as tenant farmers. Further information awaited.

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